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Pitch your special mission and earn free* access (just like the All Access ticket)! <br> No joke, we want you to put your money in your mission!

All Access Ticket


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Ignite your personal mission for 2020 and you’ll get the full 12-hour journey on January 8 (from 2 pm to 2 am) at Club Paradiso.

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Do you also feel the universe helped you out with your success?  Keep the good karma coming by buying your All Access ticket and invest in someone else’s meaningful mission.

Special gear required

To participate in all parts of the event, you'll need some special GEAR that will give you superpowers (for real). Provided during the event, your GEAR will help to pull you through when you need it the most.

Telling you what your GEAR will be, would spoil part of the fun for you. Just trust us, you will love your GEAR and we will explain everything on site.

Trouble with the uncertainty? Take a deep breath in. Exhale. Better?